Contemporary Melanesian Song No. 1

I’m beginning a series of (re)posts of various clips of contemporary Melanesian songs and music making. I’ll endeavour to make brief and useful analytical comments on the music. I have no specific aim other than to attempt to make more widely known the diversity and ingenuity of musical expression in this Pacific Island region, but also expect that overall commonalities will emerge.

‘Tears of Aloha’ from Isabel Province (Solomon Islands) [Source: YouTube]

You can hear the influence of the sound and style of Isabel panpipes and bamboo band playing in TriMedia’s production of this catchy song ‘Tears of Aloha’. The sounds and textures of the song are cleverly created as well: the women’s smooth two-part vocal, the ailan reggae groove, the several layers of keyboard riffs using voicings that are in some ways panpipe like, the driving bass line, etc.

I know next to nothing about the clip or the song, which is from a group of musicians from Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands. It would be excellent if someone knowledgeable would provide more information on the performers and the song, as well as its lyrics and English translation.

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